A Bit About Me….

A Little info about me, and some of the things that make me tick…..

  • I am 30……ish
  • I live in the gorgeous county of Somerset
  • I am married to my lovely Husband
  • I have a basset hound that I adore, he is my fur baby
  • I love tea, all types apart from that horrible wax tasting fruit tea you buy in box bulk that stays at the back of your cupboard
  • I have an inner demon I like to call Gennifer, who pops her head up occasionally and tries to knock me down
  • I am overweight, massively. I’m not 300 lbs but I also the wrong side of 260 lbs
  • I am in the process of starting a new path. Finding inner peace; not the kind we all saw in Kung Fu Panda 3 but trying to be more self aware and making sure I am happy with my choices
  • My friends I love, but I still need to filter out some bad
  • An avid fan of mental decluttering
  • Organising freak, as in, my dynamo label maker is my best friend
  • Massive Potter fan; like fan-girl moments
  • Science fiction fan
  • Allotment enthusiast
  • Tom Hardy is the other man in my life
  • Oh, and I have a tendency to enjoy dressing up in weirdΒ costumes, even though vocally, I profess to hating any kind of form of fancy dress (see below for proof)


These are just some aspects of my life that make me, me. I like to consider myself a fun loving, outgoing, super hyper, lover of life; but that isn’t always the case. Some days I get really down but mostly, I ride high.

Peace and Love,